QualiControl, mobile and real-time production analysis service

QualiControl is the monitoring service for milk and raw, semi-finished and finished agri-food products that allows you to perform real-time analysis, to make immediate corrections, to oversee production, and to improve yield.

Thanks to a NIR spectrometer, you can monitor parameters such as moisture, fat and protein at each stage of production, receiving data in seconds on your smartphone or tablet.

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With QualiControl you get:

Real-time and mobile data analysis:

by performing a process control on solid or liquid samples with immediate results, sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, you can make timely changes on the production line.

Ease of use at every stage of manufacturing:

all QualiControl functions are ready to use with a single button. The NIR spectrometer is compact, easy to use and carry, with data returned within seconds.

Free updates:

the QualiControl service is continuously updated without additional costs, to have the most advanced technologies ready to use.

Post-sale support:

customer’s satisfaction is paramount for us. Our team is always available to solve all issues in the shortest time possible with maximum care.

Self-monitoring improvements:

enrich every analysis with the batch and other useful information. All analysis and associated information are immediately stored and ready to be accessed and reviewed.

How does QualiControl allow you to improve production?

For every data collected you can add additional information such as the production batch, the production line or the supplier. This allows you to cross-check values and act immediately for corrections to eliminate rework, properly increasing profitability.

What can you analyse with the QualiControl nir service?

With the latest generation of micro NIR, a small and lightweight device, you can analyse solid and liquid samples of raw, semi-finished, and finished products. QualiControl NIR allows to analyse complex materials such as raw milk.