QualiControl, mobile and real-time production analysis service

QualiControl is the service that allows you to monitor production in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to a high performance analytical system.

Using a portable NIR spectrometer, it is possible to monitor the process parameters by receiving the results in seconds on smartphones/tablets. Analyses are simultaneously saved, classified and stored within a web portal in the cloud.

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With QualiControl you get:

Real-time and mobile data analysis

By performing a process control on solid or liquid samples with immediate results, sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, you can make timely changes on the production line.

Ease of use at every stage of manufacturing

All QualiControl functions are ready to use with a single button.

The NIR spectrometer is compact, easy to use and carry, with data returned within seconds.

The instrument analyzes solids and liquids.

Reduction of laboratory costs

Using QualiControl you can significantly reduce laboratory costs and you can do all the analyzes with NIR technology as many times as you wish, without destroying the sample.

Post-sale support

Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals.

In case of problems, our team is available to solve everything as quickly as possible and with the utmost care.

Self-monitoring improvements

To each analysis result it is possible to associate additional information, such as the production lot.

The analyzes are stored automatically and the history can be accessed at any time.

How does QualiControl allow you to improve production?

For every data collected you can add additional information such as the production batch, the production line or the supplier. This allows you to cross-check values and act immediately for corrections to eliminate rework, properly increasing profitability.