• Analyse. Verify. Control.

    QualiControl analyzes in real time and on the go

On the go analysis

QualiControl allows you to monitor your production during processing and obtain results in seconds.

Reduce laboratory costs

Reduce costs for analyzes, with QualiControl you can carry out all the checks you want at no cost.

Thanks to the use of NIR technology we can guarantee precise and accurate analyzes without altering the integrity of the sample.

Portable NIR technology

Thanks to the portable NIR tool you can do all the analyzes in real time.

The NIR instrument analyzes solids and liquids.

With NIR technology you can analyze organic molecules: food, plastic, drugs, wood, etc. and the water contained in the organic matter (moisture).

Data always available

All analyzes carried out in production are saved and you can consult and analyze them at any time.

About Us

Qualitade is the company of the IT Impresa Group that deals with the integration of IoT systems and related data analysis.

Qualitade offers high technological solutions that are easy to use and have high precision. Our solutions are continuously updated and designed specifically for the agri-food industry, thanks to our diverse team of food technologists, chemometricians and software engineers.


Our benefits

The QualiControl service offers:

Simple and intuitive

Reduction of laboratory costs

Accurate and non-destructive analyses

All the data available