Cereal and Feed Sector Analysis

The Service in detail

NIR technology allows you to precisely evaluate the chemical composition and quality of feed used in animal nutrition.

Some of the analyzes applied to the feed sector are:

  1. Determination of Chemical Composition: NIR analyzes allow you to evaluate the chemical composition of feed, including levels of proteins, fats, fibre, carbohydrates and moisture. This information is essential for formulating balanced and nutritionally complete diets for farm animals such as cattle, pigs and poultry.
  2. Evaluation of Nutritional Content: NIR analyzes can be used to evaluate the nutritional content of feed in terms of metabolizable energy, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This information is crucial to ensuring that animals receive all the nutrients needed for healthy and productive growth.
  3. Formulation Optimization: By using NIR analyzes to evaluate the chemical composition of feed and individual ingredients, formulations can be optimized to maximize feed efficiency, reduce production costs and improve animal performance.
  4. Production Process Control: NIR analyzes can be used to monitor feed production processes, allowing critical parameters such as temperature, humidity and mixing time to be adjusted to ensure maximum quality and consistency in final products.

Daily use of this technology in the feed industry allows the chemical composition and quality of feed to be assessed and monitored in a rapid, reliable and non-destructive way. By integrating these techniques into daily operations, companies can ensure the production of safe, nutritionally balanced and regulatory compliant feed, contributing to animal welfare and the sustainability of the livestock industry.